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US : Весь НЕ кириллический сегмент : Лучшие посты за вчера

[Eng Sub] 亀梨和也 - VS Arashi 20180111 Final Cut Teamtakarai_karin (14 ч. на 1-м месте)

That up there is my fave scene, lol.I've been translating a lot for 's Kazuya's Birthday Bash in February (you'll have to wait for then to watch those subs), so I thought fuck it, let's continue the translating streak, so I decided to sub this show too. For all you lovely people that would offer timing my translations, excuse my keeping mum....

Mooooooooooooooooooooodpo6om (5 ч. на 1-м месте)

[English Sub] JUMP's MusicJP Commercial Movie All Membersarendasugihen (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

Yossssh~Finally here again lmaoStill downloading Momifuyu eps 2 because I'm busy doing stuff and preparing for my graduation, but it's not over yet since I also have to prepare for my clerkship in my university hospital for 2 years D;I promise I'll share the episode here once I finish the download and encode it!So, I have some free...

047 - Votingcapicontest (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

CHALLENGE 047: PastelsMany thanks to everyone who entered!• Vote in a comment below• Vote for your top three in order - voting is weighted!• Choose one icon per special category• Do not vote for yourself or encourage others to vote for you• Voting will close on Wednesday 24th January at 11:59am GMT• Please use the provided form:Top 3 (in order):...

Challenge 261: From Behindmerlinstills (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Image 1: https://i.imgur.com/miMK2fi.jpgImage 2: https://i.imgur.com/iOltcfM.jpg

Postcard of the Dayfflo (1 ч. на 1-м месте)


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