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US : Весь НЕ кириллический сегмент : Лучшие посты за вчера

:))terrao (3 ч. на 1-м месте)


...mcjabberwock (3 ч. на 1-м месте)

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Cool New Finds at Target!pkmncollectors (3 ч. на 1-м месте)

I came across a lot of cute new Pokemon items at Target today and thought I should share what I found!This neat wastebasket which I was sorely tempted to buy for my art desk. I'm just glad to see more products featuring Rotemdex!This Pokeball pillow is really squishy (its like a mochi plush!)and lastly these really nice towels that ...

Ten Words Tuesday!comment_fic (2 ч. на 1-м месте)

Merry Tuesday my doves! I remain pinch-hit hosting this week. Tuesday's theme is Ten Words! Prompts can be anything but fills must be limited to 10 words or multiples of 10. Go wild!Just a few rules:No more than five prompts in a row.No more than three prompts in the same fandom.Use the character's full names and fandom's full name for ease...

К ГОГОЛЮmrka (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Fandom Stocking - non-fandom artwork 2 of 3leesa_perrie (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Another post of non-fandom artwork made for various people for fandomstocking. This post contains icons, picspams and wallpapers for: birds, felines and canines (wild and domestic), butterflies and octopuses. Plus some snail videos at the end.For icons, please credit if you take and use, for other artwork, credit if possible. Please no...

[trans] VS Arashi 2018.01.11 - Opening Talknyoop (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

PLEASE DO NOT SHARE OR TAKE OUT OF THIS COMMUNITY.DO NOT USE MY TRANSLATIONS FOR ANYTHING.All my translations are for use at Nya!Fansubs/Neko!Jarashi only.Don't steal or I'll stop posting. Even though they're prob not worth stealing anyway.I'm doing this because I want to study, not because I'm fluent, so be aware of...

Villain of the weekmfu_canteen (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Or Villains in this case, I give you - Miss Diketon (Janet Leigh), Loius Strago (Jack Palance )Let's be real, Strago wasn't exactly a lady killer in the broad sense of the word and Miss Diketon was a killer in every sense, well, maybe not kill, but certainly willing to hurt.We actually got to see Illya being tortured with a cattle prod, nearly...

Oh, look, it's Tuesdayspikesgirl58 (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

So, yesterday I went to the Doc and he sent me for chest X Rays. When I called for the results, I was told the doctor wanted to talk to me. Oh, that fills me with happiness. Not only do I not know what's going on, I have to take yet another chink of time out of my minimal sick leave to go back for another two-frigging-hour wait. I get back...

Challenge #096 Inspirationiimpossibletask (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Just to let you knowspikesgirl58 (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

A touch of pleurisy and not much. He wants a CT Scan, which they won't tell the results unless I come in... Of course, they made me wait 90 minutes for four minutes of his time and he tried to re-prescribe two of the drugs he gave me yesterday. Of course, then he wants me to call him every day and come in again next week. I don't think so......

Lucario (probably grail?) Get!!pkmncollectors (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

got a cute and special boy todaywhat is probably(?) my lucario merch grail??the Tomy Super Talking Lucario! !!he’s a movie tie-in and theres a 2nd toy that’s Sir Aaron’s staff, and if you have both toys they interact and talk w eachother (cute!!)they work fine on their own tho (you just miss out on the Extra dialogues) and...

round 12: winners10in30 (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Round 12: WinnersCongratulations to everyone and thank you for participating! \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ \\ 3rd place ...

Music Mondayzhelana (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Day 06 - A song that reminds of you of somewhere Day 07 - A song that reminds you of a certain eventDay 08 - A song that you know all the words toDay 09 - A song that you can dance toDay 10 - A song that makes you fall asleepDay 11 - A song from your favorite bandDay 12 - A song from a band you hateDay 13 - A song that is a guilty pleasureDay 14...

Here a man, there a man, lots of gingerbread mentilia_tomentosa (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Well, there were actually just two gingerbread men, but they had a lot of adventures hanging on every conifer in the area, among other places, and these are the (relatively) best results of my photographic effort.I knitted them from this pattern (with some...

Snowflake Challenge: Letter to Fandomauthor_by_night (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

For me, it's best expressed in memes and .gifs.Primarily refers to  Harry Potter fandom, but it applies to others as well. (Sidenote: I did "write" a love video of sorts a few years ago just for the Harry Potter  fandom.)Dear fandom,We  had some interesting times.The dramatic exits when someone got butthurt.And their...

settei galore auction!pkmncollectors (1 ч. на 1-м месте)

Hello everyone! I have more copies of settei than I know what to do with so I'm going to be auctioning them off at the low starting price of $1 (and one is even starting off as free, just pay shipping and fees!) These are all settei copies from the Zoroark movie and this auction contains most of the characters and Pokemon from the movie,...

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